Panhard Cylinder Liner Rebore Update 10

I am finally getting there with the cylinder liner reconditioning. Just experimenting with a few test liners before committing myself to doing Brian’s, and this is the result so far, but without being plateau honed as yet. I am using the liner clamp rig I made last weekend to hold the liner and the bores are honing up nicely.


Next weekend, I should be able to drop `Brian’s liners out of his cylinders, and get started on them. I need to wait for the other honing stones to come from the USA, as the first set are too big. Never looked at the small print, and although Sunnen AN111 stones can fit in a Delapena M2 head, there are variations in the rack lengths of the stones, and the minimum size of the last batch I got are just too big at 3.5”, especially when I should have got the 2.7-4.1” versions :doh
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