Panhard pistons ordered

I have ordered a minimum set of pistons today, which is 12 number or 6 sets in total. The price for this batch has been fixed at a special developmental price, the next batch will cost £350 for a complete set of two pistons, rings, pin and clips.


They are expected to arrive around the 18th June 2012, and I will add more details as I get them, but the picture above shows the basic design. The actual piston is based on a 1950’s car forging, uses readily available motorcycle rings, but the cylinder bore will be 85.3-85.4 mm, depending on the ring set I can get for this batch.

They will be higher compression capable, lightweight 3 ringed pistons, with a 3/4” or 19.05 mm pin diameter. This will require a special interference fit conversion bush to be made for the connecting rod little end, which is an additional cost item for the early adopters.
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