Panhard crankcase camshaft drive gear oil level

A little mod that improves oil quality, reduces heat build up in the oil, and improves pumping losses to the engine. At the moment the Panhard timing case oil level is determined by the hi level drainage points shown here or leaking past the front main bearing.


Normal practice for a splash lubricated gear is to have no more than a third of the overall gear diameter immersed, so why Panhard did this surprises me. Originally they had a fibre wheel of massive proportions meshing to a hardened steel gear, with huge gear area, and in all fairness it probably didn’t need much lubrication. If it was being made today this fibre wheel, which is often replaced by an aluminium one, could be made of a plastic material quite easily.


These new drillings, now restore the status quo, and at the same time allow for this area to get some oil changes. Technically these wouldn’t get fully drained, unless you remove the steel timing cover case, because there is no low level return point. I think it is realistic to revise this mod and lower the oil level further, but as this is the third engine I have modded in this area, I will wait until I get some better feedback before doing so.

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