Finally got some real horsepower

New improved GTS1000A... a SuperSportsTourer is born! How to tune a GTS...


make some bigger holes in the airbox,


fit a less restrictive exhaust & silencer

and then modify the internal inlet snorkels (early airbox shown, extra oversized external holes inside the airbox can be seen). The internal snorkels are removed at the base and radiused with a Dremel or similar.

and life is a big gas


Notice the start of a bell shaped curve (red one)...yippee... just needs a fuelling tweak and it'll be awesome vs standard!
Peak horsepower now at
113 RWHP, or around 125 crankshaft (DIN) HP estimated, but the real surprise is there are no losses compared to standard, and the average horsepower is 22% greater than before, which translates into 22% more acceleration, and the gains are huge, especially from 7000 rpm.

Just lost a major criticism of the GTS having poor top end power, compared to it's FZR engined cousins, and the best bit is I have seen
118 horsepower, but I couldn't run the bike like that...not yet anyway..

I'll dig out the curve for you naysayers.