MicroSquirt Module

This is an FJ1200 ABS ECU case after the circuit board is removed. It is fitted with a cut down DIY Autotune PNP Nippon Denso Board adapter, that fits my cut down Toyota female connector, that incidentally matches the GTS1000 wiring loom connectors. On the right is the MicroSquirt Module, a lower cost version of the cased MicroSquirt, that allows for a few extra pin outs. When this is combined with the MSExtra code, it will give me 4 ignition outputs and four injection outputs.

I need to combine this with a driver board, so I have squeezed Jean Belanger's from www.jbperf.com excellent 4x4 board into the space available at the bottom. The image below represents a dry fit, just to check the spatial requirements, and is missing the RXTX serial connector & a discreet bootload switch for programming the device.


Definitely not bad compared to the OEM ECU package, and much more capable, in a smaller package.