Odometer, tripmeter conversion


Whilst looking at the instrument panel and the speedo assembly last time, I noticed the board had some jumpers missing, which related to the external divisor pins for the IC that converts the front wheel pulses into a speedo signal. These were also used to feed the electric motors that power the odometer and tripmeter assembly. I wondered whether this was the kilometer or mile conversion area, or whether it was mechanical via the gearing.

I managed to get hold of a kilometer unit, and it turns out it is electronic after all.

If you compare the previous blog image with this board, you'll notice that the jumpers J1 & J2 are bridged, whereas in the mile version they are not used.

I'll be testing this out when I run the mile unit up on the fuel injection rig, the easiest way is to spin up the sensor and see how far the tripmeter travels in say two minutes, bridge the J1 & J2 connections, reset the tripmeter and see if the distance is 1.6x greater for the same time & rotation speed.

Here's hoping it will, 'cos I've got an import too, that reads distances in kilometers, and although I can do the maths, it'll be good to see distance travelled match the road signs. for a change