Red GTS1000 running MS Extra using cased MicroSquirt Day 6

Another attempt at a cold start...coolant temperature 8ºC...doubled the injection priming pulses (from 1ms to 2ms) and hit the button, quick fire on the button (that's an improvement) but it dies instantly. OK, so boost the WUE (Warm Up Enrichment) and mod the ASE (After Start ) Percentages, and hit the button again. Engine starts very quickly, on closed throttle, but dies again within a second.

Mod the WUE (richen) and the ASE Percentages (richen) around the 8ºC mark by another 5% and bingo it runs from the starter and holds on the WUE cycle. The ASE taper cuts in and the fuelling enrichment starts to drop from 140% to 120% before I cut short the testing session

I had to get home and wasn't really interested in the hot start, but increasing the priming pulses and making the cranking pulses to squirt every tach event, definitely improved the cold start, as a few days ago, I was swapping the ECU to "prime" the system.

So more good stuff happening here, and the the engine revved nicely (no load), especially rolling the throttle gently from cold.
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