Red GTS1000 running MS Extra using cased MicroSquirt Day 8

Yet another attempt at a cold start, but for some reason I noticed the ASE Percentages is cutting out too quickly, so I increased cycles hugely in the ASE Taper dialog box. Didn't really seem to make much difference, but WUE is the key...this engine likes quite a bit of fuel on coldish 8ºC starts, but soon drops in richness requirements as the bike warms.

It definitely is better now, but I have to wait for another day, before I can test this again. Still rolls off the throttle when cold, and doesn't sound too fluffy. After the bike got hot, I tweaked the Acceleration Tables, and created an unusual set of MAP & TPS acceleration fuel tables. I noticed on my datalog the fuel pulse were excessive, and that's probably why I need new plugs.

After this acceleration tweak, the bike definitely sounds crisper, but I need to work on the exhaust extraction a little bit more, and strap the front wheel down better before I do some sustained load tests. If I get chance today, I might make the loom adaptor shorter, but I need to check out a few things on the bench rig and oscilloscope to see what is happening with the diode on the cam sensor ground that MSExtra seems to like. A trip to the component shop is going to be needed.

PS After checking the MSExtra manuals, my ASE Percentages & WUE values are a lot lower than the defaults at colder temperatures, so I am going to look at this tomorrow. Hot starts are about the same as the black GTS1000 that was running B&G 2.890 software in October 2009, at around 1.5-2 secs.
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