Red GTS1000 running MS Extra using cased MicroSquirt Day 4

Since that last run day before yesterday, I have been reworking my VE tables and Ignition, looking at the Cranking and Warm Up Enrichment, After Start Taper and Percentages and today I uploaded the latest configuration. It started on the bike after further tweaks to the cranking and the fast idle was around 2200 and dropping gradually to 1100.

Once up to temperature the hot starts weren't as good as before, and need 30% throttle to really kick in, but this might be due to rpm detection on cranking, and the reduction in compression causing the motor to spin faster.

Put the bike into third gear and it now revs and picks up under load, but way too rich at the moment. Really must get the secondary wideband lambda sensor tuned in, but it's getting better hour by hour.

Have managed to alter the configuration on the cam sensor or Secondary Tach as it's called, and removed the noise filter from the crank or Primary Tach, and I will look at the rpm detection next under cranking, as well as looking at my priming pulse widths.

Bike definitely runs better using alternate fuel pulses rather than simultaneous, and first attempt at sequential was a two cylinder effort, but that's for another day.
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