Red GTS1000 running MS Extra using cased MicroSquirt Day 7

Another day, another cold start, and still it doesn't run on after catching. At least the Priming and Cranking Pulses are doing their bit. I tweaked the WUE and ASE Percentages and it caught OK, so another day is needed to test these revised settings...slowly slowly catch the monkey!

Good news is the hot starts have now improved, so its “hit the button and count one second and fire”, but hopefully I can get this better so it's more instantaneous.

Other good news, is I made a lambda sensor diffuser probe, to go up the exhaust pipe, and it'll still extract, though I have to make an interface and refine this further. I am getting a little reverb off the exhaust extractor fan, which means I will have to have a rethink/improve this area, as you can see towards the end of the video clip (cue richness & smoke).

Movie link lost (redo again)

The lambda sensor diffuser probe works better than anticipated, although the TunerStudio software was too sensitive (probably dodgy HT/sparks causing a little fluctuation), so decreased the sensitivity by reducing the lag from 60 to 8%. This meant when I used VE Analysis Live, I was able to get more consistent tuning on a steady throttle.

I tried the bike with no load and did a test sample tune over a small portion of the VE Table and VE Live detected the richness and dialled it out.

Next I loaded the bike in 2nd gear and adjust the VE Table further....

Then I loaded it in 3rd and 4th my VE Table was starting to get dialled in, but I decided enough was enough for one day, and I stopped the session. I am amazed out how good this software is now, and when I revved the bike up under load it was noticeably crisper than before.

In this picture you can see the standard wiring loom, and the adaptor I made to fit the MicroSquirt..the pink wire is the temporary lambda sensor bypass that goes to my wideband exhaust probe, which is normally connected to the blue narrowband OEM wire.

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