Red GTS1000 running MS Extra using cased MicroSquirt Day 3

I hit the road at 15:30 and 2 hours later the 5K stumble was done and dusted. The engine revs cleanly from 1100-11000K and rips on the throttle. It was absolutely awesome...and I haven't even used the full capability of the MSExtra code.

So I now have a working GTS1000 using MSExtra on the cased MicroSquirt, modified with a resistor across the cam sensor and a diode on the VR circuit... this thing absolutely rocks.

Although it was strapped down on the dyno, I couldn't do a run, because the front wheel location is a little suspect ( I was sideways on the dyno at 100 mph a couple of weeks ago!!) and needs further work.

Another thing I have to work on is my exhaust gas analyser, to be honest I left a 150mm stainless tube in London on Friday, so my wideband exhaust sniffer will have to wait....

I will post a video link later, but it's looking well good and I am only using 8x16 of the VE tables rather than the 16x16 capability it has.


So what’s the next step, first just tidy up the wiring loom adaptor, as in integrate the diode & resistor. Then refine the hot start (it needs a little bit of throttle to catch at the moment) and make the cold start as instantaneous as the OEM ECU.

I am running the standard coils & HT leads at the moment, and all the acceleration curve tweaks have sooted the plugs, so I have to change these too before anything else. It'd be a good idea to measure the standard coils and optimise the dwell etc, and at least check the base ignition timing (forgot the timing light)

The most important bit, is I get no loss of sync like I was getting on previous occasions. Hesitation or misfires are non existent, and the bike sounds crisper with no airbox than the OEM ECU version.

I realise I have quite a bit of work to do, but once the wideband analyser is running on the dyno, I will get further. When I put a second bung in the exhaust, I will be able to use the Innovate datalogger and self tune for _real_load.
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