GTS1000 replacement fuel filter

GTS1000 fuel filters are expensive over here, and not that cheap in Europe. Last time I looked on a European site they were close on €70 each. Now you are supposed to change them every two years or 24000 miles, so I am about due one. Apparently, in the UK they were £78 two years ago, and I wasn't going to pay that much to Yamaha for a £2 part, so I started looking for a pattern replacement. First you need the dimensions of the old one and although I have two bikes, I really couldn't be bothered to remove the plastic just to do the research and then bolt it back for the commute to work, besides it was cold and wet outside.

Fuel filter dimensions, with Yamaha part reference
OEM fuel filter in rubber mounting cradle.

Problem is this filter is pretty unique, and after looking at several other reference documents, I only ever found a slightly longer version, and so it seems did others. In the USA they quote a Purofilter F44661, but in the UK this number is no use. A slightly longer version was made, at 125mm overall, that was fitted to several Japanese cars circa 1995 and later, so I looked for some cross references to this unit and found these numbers.
Vehicle cross references above with another version I found below whilst searching for later cross references.
However this guy below was the winner, and I ordered one from Japtec in the UK to check it out. A few days later it arrived.flexible
I ended up with a universal version, Solid Ace M303020, which is marginally longer than the original, and it fits under the plastic too. Not bad for a couple of days work, and cheap as chips too. I'd love to tell you how much, but it would embarrass Yamaha UK, suffice to say it's sub £10.
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