Red GTS1000 running MS Extra using cased MicroSquirt Day 5

Another day and another cold start test, and it wouldn't fire, so I swapped back to the stock ECU and it fired straight up. I swapped the MicroSquirt in and with the revised settings it started straight away, but fast idle was about 800 higher than stock, and the conclusion is I need to look at my cranking pulse widths in more detail. The throttle response dropped off unexpectantly after a short time & then I realised I had run out of fuel

TAnother 5l of fuel, and the revised WUE and ASE etc were too much for the engine, and it started sounding fluffy, so I adjusted these downwards, and waited until the engine got hot. I revised my ignition and VE levels at idle, and disabled the EGO (which for some reason was enabled in Narrowband mode).

I seem to get poorer RPM detection when the engine is hot, so I am going to investigate the cam lobe to cam sensor air gap on this bike, as I need to give it about 20% throttle just to see the cranking rpm, and then the engine fires, and you have to back off. As a comparison, the stock ECU takes just a touch of the button to fire when hot, rather than a 1.5 sec I am experiencing on the MicroSquirt.

I swapped the MicroSquirt for the stock ECU and the pick up is a lot better on the MicroSquirt, and I double checked the fuel cut/ignition retard function that worked well at an indicated 11,500 on the Yamaha tacho.

I also tried to check the timing using a timing light, but a combination of oil spray, deeply recessed hole and poor light meant I can only guess the markings I saw oscillating were the right ones. I must say with a revised ignition table (less total advance) and lower VE numbers outside idle the bike is sounding crisp.

Next step is definitely, get the wideband operating, but I was able to pull 4th gear from a rolling start on the dyno, without snatching.
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