Red GTS1000 running MS Extra using cased MicroSquirt Day 2

I had a little bit of a play today, but could only sneak a couple of hours in.

Managed to fire the red GTS on the MSExtra code, and after a bit of tweaking managed a steady idle, but have yet to calibrate/verify the ignition timing at 5º BTDC, as I don't want to spray oil all over the dyno room via the peep hole.

The throttle response up to 5000 rpm is very nice, but there is a sync issue after this. I am using the B&G adaptor loom, which has a signal diode on the crank trigger, but I was unable to swap it for a resistor, as I didn't have any. I just have to do some more work on the cold start settings and after start enrichments, but I called it a day today, as "eau d'Benzine" contaminated clothing is not the best way to woo the missus on Valentines Day...

Next step off the bike is to mod the bench rig, so I can spin the crank/cam combo at 5-11K rpm and investigate the issue further, but the good news I now have some base fuel settings for the Thunderace project, and any work developing the rig will benefit both projects.

I might even have to buy some MicroSquirt modules and develop the two in parallel soon.
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