GTS1000 Exhaust

Thunderace exhaust fitted

I managed to spend a couple of hours at a f’riends gaff today, primarily fitting the exhaust, but secretly wanting to try and fire the beastie up.

No plugs in, and exhaust fitted (no silencer yet, as it's marooned in a cupboard surrounded by wet floor paint!). After connecting the loom adaptor and MicroSquirt #2, I powered the system up, and hit the starter. I got nice bluish sparks, and a cranking speed of 254 rpm on 12.4V.

Next step, fit the plugs and crank over...nothing. Sprayed some brake cleaner into the throttle bodies and then it goes pop etc.


Check the tank, and there's no fuel!

Put some in, and it's clear after battery voltage starts to drop, I will have to do some more research re spark event time under cranking, and so work out the right offset. Time to get a timing light to the bike, take the plugs out and dial it in.

However, it's still looking good for my friend with my Thunderace engine in his green GTS1000, and so the next step is to refine the offset, by looking at my crankcases and crankshaft, as well as the oscilloscope trace above.

Another thing to add is there is no sight glass on the Thunderace engine, as it’s in the clutch cover, and the oil level is higher on the Thunderace compared to the GTS, so I’ll be modding the filler cap to hold a dipstick.


Thunderace exhaust welded

Finally got round to finishing this, only get one day in seven to play at the moment. To be honest, it needs a little more work, more polishing etc, slight tweak to the final bend after the collector, before I make the final version for the GTS.


*TIP* Elastic bands are useful for holding the exhaust flanges in place when fitting the system to the bike.

Thunderace exhaust modified to fit GTS1000

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