Thunderace EFI - Day 3 using MSExtra 3.0.3u

Finally, I have had another day off, been four weeks now and yet still found time to look at the Thunderace engined GTS1000 EFI project for a few hours.

I brought two cased MicroSquirts along, one running the original 3.0.3s code the other running the latest 3.0.3u Alpha code. After a hesitant start, brake cleaner to the rescue, my cranking rpms were set to low and the fuel value above this was half what it needed to be, so the fuelling needed hiking up.

Apparently the MSExtra semi sequential code also needs a different required fuel constant (half of the normal untimed injection mode)

After a few minutes and swapping the MAT and Coolant wires in the loom adaptor, I started to get sensible readings. A few tweaks to the acceleration wizard, mods to injection timing etc, and I got a steady idle on an unknown engine. I am still not able to time the bike, without spraying oil over my glasses/timing light, so just modifying fixed timing or using a table is pointless at the moment, although it does affect the smoothness of the idle, if I delay it 90 degrees more. This might be because the injectors are paired to the wrong ignition channel.

It actually sounds very good off idle and you can rip the throttle and it takes off, no baulking. I am well impressed, and have ordered a lambda sensor sleeve of eBay to mod the exhaust further. My mate needs to get the rolling chassis up to spec now, and I will refine the rest of the fuel and ignition tables on the road, so it's up to him now to get on with it, as it'll take a week or so of constant refinement to get it to a touring/cruising standard.

PS The latest code is definitely cleaner running.