Thunderace EFI - Day 7 using MSExtra 3.0.3u

Not really another day, just a short trip over to the bike, and check on the cold starting. The bike started first few cranks from cold, and repeatedly thereafter. Nice slow idle, much slower than OEM on warm up. Really pleased, as I seem to have cracked this one now.

Bike is not going to the Treffen now, as I don’t have enough time, with work commitments to completely shake down the project. This is a slight disappointment, because a few people were looking forward to seeing it, but truthfully it gives the owner of the rolling chassis more time to prep it, and me more time to ruggedise the installation.

Next up is fit the equipment to datalog the red GTS1000, mod the exhaust for an additional lambda sensor, and design a new cam sensor location for the cam cover, so I have the capability to go full sequential on fuel and ignition.