Thunderace EFI - Day 6 using MSExtra 3.0.3u

After another age, a quick nip over to the bike and play with the revised priming pulse, after cranking rpm bin, and a cold start. I first of all deactivated the fuel pump, hooked up the laptop to the MicroSquirt and updated the new TunerStudio settings into the controller aka MicroSquirt. Then I activated the fuel pump and ignition circuit, and hit the starter button, one crank, two crank and fire. Wow, nice slow idle, ASE and WUE active.

Try it again, and ASE drops off very quickly, so I increase the Taper Cycles. Once the WUE goes out, I switch on the Innovate LC1 and let it warm up on a running engine, and revise the VE Table 1 some more. The low rpm bin I created is too rich on a hot start, so I lean it down, and bingo the engine fires first touch from hot. Idle is a little slow, so I adjust the throttle body stop, and increase it to around 950 rpm. More tweaking of the VE Table 1 (Alpha-N), and the engine starts really quickly hot.

I am getting quite a bit of PulseWidth variation under idle, and I wonder whether its battery voltage compensation, as the battery voltage is low, and the alternator is charging it. I will have to do some more reading, because although the ignition advance, VE Tables 1 & 2 are in stable zones (no fluctuations in the bins) I am getting a variation in idle speed that directly correlates with PulseWidth movements. I have noticed a variation in MAP, but as I am using Alpha-N, it shouldn't affect things. I will have to look at my settings some more, but I am nitpicking really. You can see the AFR (yellow) fluctuating below.


and as I said, the rpm is sitting within a tight cluster (blue dots in box)


The engine will idle at sub 750 when warm, yet the manufacturers spec 1100 rpm, so I am really impressed with what I have got here so far.

Next instalment, will see fresh plugs, LM1 datalogger with LMA-2 accessory, which will log AFR, MAP, TPS & RPM and help me dial stuff in. I also need to put a centre stand stop on the exhaust, as well as get Tony to get a move on rebuilding the cycle parts, especially if we are to take this to the Treffen this year.