The next generation engine

After the sudden failure of the 2014 engine on that uphill stretch of the M20, when Brian's 24CT was cruising at 6000 rpm on part throttle, I decided I needed to do some more development.



On examination the valve had failed and this was despite having adequate clearance, or so I thought at the time. Unfortunately, I was to discover that the valve train was rather inept at controlling the valves, and what had happened was the heavier exhaust valve had hit the piston, and on the affected cylinder it was more severe. I was only found out about this several months later, when I inspected the other cylinder.

So what were the plans for the 2016 engine.

1. Repair the damaged cylinder.
2. Investigate the piston to valve clearance, and increase this.
3. Investigate the valve gear return spring tension.
4. Fit the later programmable electronic ignition with multi toothed trigger wheel
5. Refine the double sump & filter set up.
6. Bench test the engine, prior to installing in the car.