RapidWeaver & importing webpages

RapidWeaver is great software, but it has always been let down by its import options, that is it’s not straightforward to import an existing website.

I discovered something today, that maybe a few of you out there must already know, but until now has eluded me.

I noticed in the current viewable version of my website I had an Apple section, yet in my current RapidWeaver .rwsw I hadn’t, so there was a mis-sync, which probably came about when I started to use Dropbox to sync the RapidWeaver files over my computers.

Sure enough, I looked in
File > Open Recent and opened a previous version and there it was in the WEBPAGES sidebar. As I had two versions open on my iMac, I just dragged the whole Apple section across, and as I laid it over the WEBPAGES sidebar in the working version of RapidWeaver, the folder icon changed to include the green +, which meant I was adding a copy.

I dropped it into the right position, and bingo that was that. I checked in Preview, saved the document and published it.

PS I am using version 4 still, waiting for the bugs to go out of 5.