I have now had my iPhone 3G for one and a half months and I really like it. I was waiting for the 3G version to come out, and never considered the 1st generation model, as I had a bit of time on my old contract.

In my day to day work, the iPhone performs really well. Favourite apps include MileBug, a car mileage logging program. I really like the Maps program, especially the integration with the Contacts, so when I search for a company...various map pins drop onto the screen. If you choose one, the details are passed into the Contacts app, and all the available details are clearly seen. Then you have various navigation/mapping options shown. It’s really quite fast.

Back to the Maps app, I do find if you travel quite briskly the redraw rate of the surrounding area isn’t good enough. If you click on satellite it’s even slower, and all you’ll see the blue dot pulsing and the road frantically drawing to catch up.

SMS text presentation is excellent, and the conversation format is really useful, but the QWERTY layout is cumbersome and fiddly to use. The lack of MMS Picture messaging is disappointing, although you can attach pictures to emails no problems. In the UK on the O2 network you have to go to the O2 website to collect MMS messages from other phones, which is again a bit cumbersome.

I think my two major dislikes are the QWERTY keyboard, although there is more room to hit keys in some apps if you rotate the phone into landscape mode and the camera, which is absolutely disgusting in low light, and images are very soft looking. I took some reference pics for work use, as I’d left Canon G9 at home, and boy were those pics bad.

Overall, the apps available in the Apps Store, and the ease of use, apart from the QWERTY pad, the iPhone is a top bit of kit, just upgrade the camera, and give us turn by turn GPS please.

Next phase is to get the VPN working, and I won’t have to lug the Acer laptop around (not allowed to use the MacBook for work)