A-Z Maps, Nokia N73 & Macbook

Just purchased Lumisofts A-Z Road Atlas for the UK, the supposedly slightly better version at 1:200000. I tried following the instructions, downloaded the demo version, but couldn't get it too work.

Eventually I managed it.

Nokia PC Suite does not work on the MacOS, and I know I could use BootCamp and boot up in WindowsXP, but where is the fun in that.

Method that works on a N73. Unzip the downloaded file, and it becomes a folder. Open this and copy all the contents, three files onto your phones' memory card via a card reader. Use Menu>Tools>File mgr and look at the memory card files. You will see a file A-ZMAPS.SIS, select "Options" > Open and you will be asked to "Install A-ZMaps? You will see a screen with the details on, so press "Continue" and put the 166K file onto the Phone Memory. The file will install, and you will be able to select it from your Menu>Applications folder on your phone.

Can't say it's the best thing you can put on your phone, but the next revision is rumoured to have some GPS link up. Yep, so why don't I use Route66 or similar, well I tried this and all it did was kill the battery, and slow the phone up.